Valley View Center's Remaining Tenants Suddenly Booted From Dead North Dallas Mall — and for What?

For now but not for long, a dozen tenants remain in The Mall That Will Not Die. Among them: a kosher pizza-maker, a Taekwondo school, a market selling Topo Chico and Mexican candies, a barbecue restaurant, a developer of alcoholic ice creams, a tax-preparer, and an eyeglasses-monger. Their pane-glass storefronts line the corridor of Valley View Center off Preston Road, the sole entrance to the ghost town topped by an AMC multiplex.Wednesday, a little after 2 in the afternoon, I dropped by Valley View to find several of the owners of these businesses huddled around a trash bin in the hallway. They asked each other, "What are you going to do?" Or, "Where will you go?" And, "Have you found a place?" They wore heavy coats and woolen caps. This mall, this corpse in need of a burial, was ice-box cold. And last summer, it was sweltering.  Continue reading...

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