UT-Dallas Celebrates Personal Ties With NASA 50 Years After ‘one Small Step for Man'

It took seven years to put a man on the moon.But it would have taken 172 years to digitize the audio recordings of all of the manned Apollo missions without help from the University of Texas at Dallas.July 20 marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong became forever famous for being the first man to walk across the moon’s surface. Back on Earth, the University of Texas at Dallas is celebrating its role in supporting NASA and America’s spacefaring efforts.Teams at UTD created equipment that analyzed the moon’s atmosphere so that NASA would know what to expect when astronauts got there, and they also developed gear that allowed three manned Apollo missions and the Gemini 8 mission recordings to be digitized in five years.“Being able to hear Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin speak was a big eye-opening moment,” said John Hansen, an associate dean of research at the University of Texas at Dallas. “‘The Eagle has landed’ and ‘One small step for man,’ those are big words.”  Continue reading...

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