United Airlines Is Ready to Let Cats and Dogs Fly Again, Except for 25 Banned Breeds

United Airlines is placing new restrictions on the types of pets it will transport in cargo after a series of animal-related incidents led to an internal review earlier this year.The Chicago-based airline will resume booking pet travel this summer, a practice it halted during the review. But it will only accept dogs and cats and will exclude some snub-nosed and strong-jawed breeds. It also won't transport animals through four airports in hot climates in summer.The more conservative approach is meant to "improve the safety of the pet travel experience," United said Tuesday. But it also leaves owners determined to travel with their pets -- especially those often subject to airline restrictions -- with one fewer option.United decided to review its program for pets traveling in the cargo compartment and halt new reservations in March, after a week in which the airline loaded three dogs onto the wrong planes and a fourth died in an overhead bin.  Continue reading...

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