Uber’s Data Breach Was Bad, But the Coverup Is Much Worse

What's worse than the digital theft of 57 million Uber customer email addresses and phone numbers as well as drivers licenses of 600,000 Uber drivers?Covering it up and hiding it for nearly a year.People like Uber. Even if people don't like Uber-the-company, they do like using Uber-the-service. And why not? It's inexpensive, fast, offers different size vehicles depending on the situation and allows the customers to split fares if two or more people get a ride. People tend to think of Uber customers are limited to business professionals and millennials living in gentrified neighborhoods, yet people in urban areas are utilizing the service due to its general affordability and the lack of access to traditional public transportation. The Uber Eats service provides customers with delivery service from the favorite restaurants.That is why Uber's deceptiveness in dealing with the data breach is so disappointing.Data breaches have become all too common in our culture, so much so, people are no longer reacting with the same anger as in years past. But they should. It's critical for people to pressure businesses and government agencies that store critical personal data to update their security procedures to keep that information safe.  Continue reading...

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