Uber, Honda Hit With Safety Lawsuit by Woman Paralyzed in Dallas Crash

Sarah Milburn thought she did the right thing by taking an Uber on a night out with friends celebrating a birthday.She said she’d never drink and drive, and walking to their next stop wasn’t safe. But neither, as it turned out, was the Uber ride. The Honda Odyssey they piled into ran a red light and crashed into a Ford F-150 pickup.The crash left the 24-year-old Milburn a quadriplegic. She’s paralyzed from mid-chest down. Essentially, her brain and much of her body don’t communicate.“I’m never going to have a normal life like I planned,” said Milburn, who depends on her parents to get her out of bed in the morning and to change a urine catheter in the middle of the night.“It could have been anyone,” she said. “Millions of people trust Uber with their lives and they obviously aren’t doing it the right way.”  Continue reading...

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