Trump's Texas Swing Includes Executive Orders Making It Harder to Block Pipeline Projects

President Donald Trump will announce an executive order during a trip to Texas on Wednesday that could make it harder for states to scuttle pipelines and other energy projects based on concerns about their impact on water quality.Trump has made it a priority to expand energy development in the United States, in part by rolling back government regulations. His visit to Houston and San Antonio, two of the top energy markets in the country, is primarily to raise re-election money in counties that backed his Democratic opponent in 2016.The fundraisers are expected to bring in at least $6 million to be shared by Trump's re-election effort and the Republican National Committee, said Republican Party Chair Ronna McDaniel.Republican lawmakers have complained about states like Washington and New York using the permitting process to stop energy projects. A senior administration official told reporters there are problems with the way some states are interpreting Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. Under that section, companies must obtain certification from the state before moving ahead with an energy project.  Continue reading...

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