Trump's Tax Reform Is a Miracle That Should Make Everyone Giddy

Those of us who have spent decades advocating for tax reform are still trying to process the late December passage of the most sweeping tax reform in 30 years. There are policy experts who have literally spent their entire careers pushing for tax reform, and even organizations that exist for that sole purpose. To finally succeed seems almost too good to imagine.My own organization, the Institute for Policy Innovation, was founded in Dallas just after Ronald Reagan's 1986 tax reform to continue to advocate for economic growth through tax policy. We began years ago to diversify into other policy areas in part because fundamental tax reform seemed impossible in a context where Democrat class warfare rhetoric demanded higher taxes and Republicans were utterly inept in actually accomplishing anything beyond rhetoric.While the work of think tanks and a small number of elected officials who understood tax policy undoubtedly laid a strong intellectual foundation for tax reform and certainly helped guide the process, it's simply undeniable (and a little bit humbling) to admit that the catalyst for tax reform was Donald Trump.  Continue reading...

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