Trump's Tariff Ante Against Mexico Would Hammer Texas, Which Counts Country as Top Trading Partner

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's surprise plan to levy tariffs on all goods imported to the U.S. from Mexico would strike a hammer blow to Texas, threatening the state's economy and all but guaranteeing financial pain for the state's businesses and consumers.Mexico is Texas's top trading partner -- by far.The Lone Star State last year imported more than $107 billion in goods from its southern neighbor. That means if Trump's tariff plan is fully realized -- levying all Mexican imports at 25% -- the tax in Texas alone would equal nearly $27 billion.Such a duty would likely raise prices on avocados, beer and myriad other consumer goods. Ditto for auto parts, computer equipment and other items that are vital to a cross-border economy that's been stitched together tight by the decades-old North American Free Trade Agreement.That's just for starters, too, particularly as Trump has already launched high-dollar trade wars with China and other countries.Trump's gambit will jeopardize approval of his NAFTA revamp, dubbed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, while jolting global markets and inviting trade retaliation from Mexico on the wide array of American-made goods that cross the border heading south.Those secondary effects could devastate farmers, manufacturers and others in Texas, which last year sent nearly $110 billion in goods to Mexico."The president's threat to impose tariffs on Mexico will only hurt American workers, economic growth and our national security," Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, wrote on Twitter after Trump announced his move late on Thursday via social media.  Continue reading...

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