Trump's Presidency Is Finally Reflecting His Business Management Style

Prior experiences strongly influence the way presidents govern, and that has never been more evident than in the way President Donald Trump has been acting in recent weeks.Beyond his preternatural confidence in his own knowledge and instincts, the president's style was formed by the way he ran his family real estate company and then transformed himself into a reality television star. The patterns that background instilled go a long way to explaining why Trump is continually shuffling subordinates and opting for those with television, rather than governing, skills.When he ran for the White House, Trump was often described as a business executive who managed a multi-million dollar real estate empire. But that was misleading in that the Trump organization is more akin to an over-sized mom-and-pop operation than a corporate behemoth. As head of the privately held firm, Trump answered to no board of directors or stockholders but only to himself. And similarly, everyone else worked directly for him, whether paid employees or family members.  Continue reading...

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