Trump's Presence at the UN General Assembly Was Reassuring

So far, President Donald Trump's approach during his first visit to the United Nations General Assembly has shown an unusual grasp of realism and relatively remarkable restraint. It comes as a surprise given Trump's nationalist rhetoric and generally hostile disposition toward the U.N. But there he was, at the General Assembly Hall lectern, saying, "We must uphold respect for law, borders and culture and the peaceful engagement these allow and just as founders of this body intended we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos, turmoil and terror."A week after working to forge agreements with Democratic leaders New York Sen. Charles Schumer and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Trump is making nice with the U.N. But his core supporters (I think "base" is an overused word) probably have an easier time with him dealing with Pelosi and Schumer than him suddenly seeing the usefulness of the U.N.Anyway, there is talk about Trump wanting to keep "dreamers" at home in America, maybe sticking with the Paris climate accord, and now this — a salute to the U.N. So, what is a Bannonite to do?  Continue reading...

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