Trump's Plan to Reduce Fuel Efficiency Standards Doesn't Make Good Business Sense

In business, if you aren't innovating then you're falling behind. Apparently, the auto industry and the Trump administration missed that business school class. This week, President Donald Trump ordered a review of motor vehicle fuel efficiency standards, a move that environmental and consumer groups rightly fear is a step toward rolling back aggressive targets that the Obama administration had set years earlier. Automakers had complained that they could not make the goals and would end up cutting jobs or making cars that are beyond the pocketbooks of many Americans.We've heard this tired refrain before and it remains every bit off key now as has in the past. For all their complaints, carmakers have found innovative ways to meet or exceed fuel-economy standards since mandates went into effect in 1978. And according to an EPA report last year, the industry is on pace to meeting the Obama targets. Why let them off the hook now?  Continue reading...

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