Trump's Lifeline to Chinese Phone Maker ZTE Spurs Dismay Over Cybersnooping and Iran Sanctions

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's unusual push to save ZTE -- a Chinese phone maker that violated sanctions on Iran and North Korea, and which may be involved in cybersnooping -- triggered an uproar on Monday.Lawmakers in both parties expressed dismay about Trump's eagerness to drop penalties imposed only weeks ago by his own administration, in order to placate Chinese leaders during talks on trade and the North Korean nuclear threat.ZTE's U.S. headquarters are in Richardson and its workforce worldwide is about 75,000 people. It has shut down most operations since the Commerce Department banned it from buying U.S.-made components it needs to make most of its products, including Qualcomm semiconductors."He is backing off, and his policy is now designed to achieve one goal: make China great again," said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York.Top U.S. intelligence officials have warned for years that ZTE products can be used to spy on Americans and steal U.S. business secrets. Any move to protect the firm belies Trump's campaign rhetoric about the China's aggressive trade policies and flagrant theft of intellectual property.  Continue reading...

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