Trump's First 100 Days Fall Short of ‘so Much Winning' But Not for Lack of Effort

WASHINGTON - Has it only been 100 days?Donald Trump's short tenure has been a blur of activity. Since Inauguration Day, when he lamented "American carnage" across the land, attacked a faceless establishment and vowed that "America will start winning again, winning like never before," the 45th president has done some winning -- and some losing, too.He filled a Supreme Court vacancy with a staunch conservative young enough to serve for decades. He killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership as an opening salvo in a sweeping overhaul of trade policy. And with one stroke of his pen after another, he scrapped a host of Obama-era regulations.Yet most items on the ambitious agenda he'd promised to deliver by this point remain works in progress, or temporarily forgotten.Federal courts halted the Muslim travel ban he rolled out a week on the job, disrupting international travel. His healthcare plan ran into a bipartisan buzz saw and has yet to come up for a vote. It's anyone's guess when construction will start on a border wall, amid fierce resistance in Congress and Mexico.The love him-or-hate him image Trump brought to Washington has cemented. A flurry of polls released in the past week show that hardly any supporters regret voting for him, while five months after winning the election, Trump has made no inroads with skeptics — leaving him the most unpopular president in modern American history at the 100-day mark.  Continue reading...

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