Trump's Border Wall Fight Is Really a Stuggle for America's Identity

On the surface, the standoff that has shut down large parts of the federal government is about funding President Donald Trump's campaign promise of a Southern border wall.But it's really a confrontation between two sharply different concepts of the United States, one more purist, one more melting pot.Trump's concept exemplifies his signature slogan of "Make America Great Again," his belief that modern-day America is "a disaster" or, as he said in his inaugural speech, a "carnage." He wants to restore the country of an earlier day by keeping out, expelling or limiting those he blames for changing it.It's not only erecting a concrete or steel wall to curb predominantly brown-skinned immigrants from the South. He would also restrict legal immigration that, in recent years, has come more heavily from Asia, as he yearns for more immigrants from white European countries like Norway. His targets go beyond immigration to ending rules and guidelines aimed at helping minorities overcome prior discrimination.Trump's opponents hold a directly contrary belief that the "good old days" weren't so good for many Americans, especially non-whites and the burgeoning minority racial and religious groups. People with this point of view exemplify "an open door" and look ahead.  Continue reading...

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