Trump's Biggest Issues Are the Ones He Didn't Mention in His State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump took an hour and 20 minutes break from his attempts to undermine the independent Russia investigation to perform his constitutional duty of presenting Congress his 2018 legislative priorities.But Trump himself indicated the focus won't likely stay there for long.In a 100-minute State of the Union speech laden with rhetoric designed to shore up his political base for next November's mid-term elections, the president mentioned neither the probes into Vladimir Putin's alleged interference with the 2016 campaign nor Russia's continuing efforts to undermine democracies around the world.If history is any guide, his efforts of recent weeks -- and in Tuesday night's aftermath -- will have far more impact on his presidency than his recitation of initiatives that mostly won't happen and his overly optimistic portrayal of his record. Unlike prior presidents, he won't hit the road to sell his proposals.As he did a year ago, Trump sought at times to set a tone of moderation and inclusiveness, calling on both parties "to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground" despite a first year marked primarily by his own divisive policies and historically low job approval. He portrayed a nation making "incredible progress" from the "American carnage" he decried in his inaugural address.  Continue reading...

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