Trump’s Tariffs, Trade Talk Could Disrupt 156,000 Texas Jobs, and Firms Are Worried

The U.S. economy has been expanding for over 100 months, unemployment is near a historical low and Dallas-Fort Worth has been creating an average of over 100,000 jobs a year. So what’s the worry?For businesses in the region and beyond, a labor shortage is the major concern. During an economic expansion, that’s always top of mind.Next up, it’s President Donald Trump — or at least his policies and rhetoric, and the uncertainty they’re creating.His approach to trade, his tariffs on steel and aluminum, and his anti-immigrant push were among the chief concerns cited by regional businesses in the latest Beige Book. Released in mid-April, the Dallas Fed report features anecdotal information about the economy in the eleventh district, which includes all of Texas and parts of New Mexico and Louisiana.The summary on the latest sentiment: “Outlooks, while still optimistic, have become more uncertain due to new tariffs and trade concerns,” the report said.  Continue reading...

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