Trump Supporters Should Take No Comfort in Outcome of Georgia Election

Republicans and Democrats are clinging to the supposed lessons of the Karen Handel victory over John Ossoff in Georgia's 6th congressional district. The first thing both sides should realize is we are in a season when lessons have a short life.So if it is wise to know what we do not know, let's measure the burst of reaction to this election against some broader possibilities.First, Republicans are suddenly happy to say the vote was indeed a referendum on Donald Trump, a prospect they would have rejected if Handel had lost. But it is a large leap to conclude that her 52 percent vote total equals a 52 percent approval for Trump district-wide. It's probably also true that more than half of voters did not wish to send a Democrat to Congress who would have joined the quixotic Nancy Pelosi quest to cobble together an impeachment effort.  Continue reading...

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