Trump Struggles With the Truth, and Testifying Under Oath Would Be Risky

It's easy to see why some of President Donald Trump's lawyers -- and friends -- say he shouldn't testify before Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The president of the United States is unable to distinguish between political rhetoric and the truth.And lying under oath is a lot more serious than dissembling in a political speech or exaggerating in answering a reporter's questions.To be sure, presidents engage in hyperbole and often bend the truth. But Trump is setting a new standard. Just look at the past week:Voter fraud. "In many places, like California, the same person votes many times," Trump told a West Virginia audience April 5.Cited without evidence, this echoes his unproven post-election claims that fraudulent votes provided Hillary Clinton's 3 million popular vote margin. Trump's own commission to investigate the issue collapsed amid false claims and disputed methodology. And scattered prosecutions, like the five-year sentence handed a Texas woman who voted illegally, have failed to reveal anything beyond isolated instances of individuals who essentially misunderstood relevant laws.  Continue reading...

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