Trump Rips Houston Rep. Al Green's Impeachment Push, Saying ‘Dems Can't Win the Election Fairly'

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Monday ripped the latest effort by Houston Rep. Al Green to press ahead with impeachment, making the case on Twitter that the Democrat's push means "Dems can't win the election fairly" in 2020."You can't impeach a president for creating the best economy in our country's history," Trump wrote in a series of early-morning Tweets. "Also, there are 'No High Crimes & Misdemeanors,' No Collusion, No Conspiracy, No Obstruction."The social media outburst highlights how impeachment continues to hang over proceedings in Washington and on the presidential campaign trail, particularly as White House hopefuls like former El Paso Rep. Beto O'Rourke have started making an explicit case for Trump's ouster.  Continue reading...

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