Trump Nominates Two Religious Freedom Champions for Texas Federal Judge Posts

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump nominated five candidates Thursday to fill vacant federal judge posts in Texas, including Jeff Mateer, a top official in the state's attorney general's office known for his background in "religious freedom" litigation.The Texas nominations were part of 16 candidates nominated Thursday for federal judge positions across the country, including Trump's own general counsel, Gregory G. Katsas of Virginia. Thursday also marked the seventh wave of conservative candidates the president has nominated for lower court vacancies. Two of the five candidates for Texas, Mateer and Matthew Kacsmaryk, have spent part of their careers at Plano-based First Liberty Institute, a conservative law firm focused on bringing forward religious liberty cases.Mateer, named as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's first assistant last May, was nominated in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas to be based in Sherman.  Continue reading...

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