Trump Isn't the Main Issue Anymore, GOP Lawmakers Are

How many times have we been through this?Donald Trump commits some colossal trespass of existing political morality (no, that is not an oxymoron), and frenzied friends and foes ask, "Is this it? Is it curtains for The Donald?" The answer has always been, "No, not yet."The current frenzy feels like the biggest one yet, but so did all the earlier ones. The consequences of Trump's actions and words defy prediction. Will Trump get more innings at bat after this latest triple play of recklessness (firing James Comey, giving key intelligence to Russia and, according to reports, telling Comey to back off the Michael Flynn investigation)? No one knows what will happen with this man, who is immune from karma and justice.What now we know with certainty is this: The presidency will not change Donald Trump.We also know Trump will not be constrained by his hired hands. The law, the Democrats and the system of checks and balances might prevent some of his actions from having practical consequences, but will not constrain his actions and words. Trump will continue to be Trump in ways that are entirely predictable for their unpredictability even if the fallout is not.In that sense, the big story right now is not Trump. He is a known quantity. His antics know no low and can no longer surprise.Until November 2018, the main story will be about the Republican Party. For more than a year now, they have backed Trump with craven obsequiousness. For more than a year, reporters have been writing stories with headlines such as this one from Politico this week, "Republicans may be reaching their breaking point with Trump."  Continue reading...

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