Trump Is the Opportunity Mexico Has Been Waiting for

In late January, when Mexican cabinet ministers were about to depart for Washington to meet with a group from the Trump administration, a curious thing happened.Politicians from the two main opposition parties, ordinarily the government's bitterest critics, met with the officials to publicly offer their support. A day later, Trump tweeted that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto shouldn't attend the meeting if he wasn't willing to pay for a border wall. Pena Nieto countered that he would therefore not be attending. The Mexican political class rushed to support him -- the same president many had been attacking since he took office more than four years ago.A later humiliating phone call between Trump and Pena Nieto hardened the support of Mexico's politicians behind their embattled president, as Trump's wall-and-deportation rhetoric grew more strident.  Continue reading...

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