Trump, Don't Spoil the GOP Tax Cuts With a Hike at the Gas Pump

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Republicans are on a roll. So, why is President Donald Trump praising a gas-tax hike to finance his infrastructure plan?Despite House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi's complaints that the GOP tax-rate reductions are "Armageddon," "crumbs," and -- as of Tuesday -- "unpatriotic," Americans are growing fond of tax reform. Tax-relief promises helped boost GDP growth from 2016's 1.5 percent (under Obama) to 2017's 2.3 percent (under Trump). Unemployment is just 4.1 percent. And some 3.8 million Americans at 377 companies are enjoying bonuses, higher wages, lower power bills and other post-tax-cut benefits.  Continue reading...

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