Tostitos' Special Super Bowl Bags Can Detect Alcohol on Breath, Offer Uber Rides Home Post-game

When is a bag of Tostitos not just a bag of Tostitos? When it's an alcohol detector too.As AdWeek reported, Plano-based Frito-Lay Inc., whose well-regarded run of Super Bowl ads for its Doritos brand ended last year, is launching limited-edition Tostitos bags in connection with the Feb. 5 game that can tell if you've been drinking.The sleek, black "Party Safe" bags are outfitted with sensors linked to a microcontroller set to sniff out booze on your breath. Unlike a Breathalyzer, which tells you whether you've had too much, the bags just remind you to be careful if you've indulged at all."We're proud to introduce to the world the first bag of chips that gets you home safe," Roger Baran, a Goodby Silverstein & Partners creative director, told the publication. "For a football fan, there is a lot of emotion involved with a game. It's easy to drink more than you planned. And a lot of times all you need to stop short of driving after drinking is a friend who calls you off. On Sunday of the big game, we want Tostitos to be that friend."  Continue reading...

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