Tollway Rates Are Rising a Tiny Bit

Toll rates are going up for drivers who travel North Texas Tollway Authority roads such as the Dallas North Tollway. But only by about a penny a mile for TollTag users. TollTag member rates will increase from 17.06 to 18.01 cents, and ZipCash customers will pay 50 percent more than the TollTag member rate. The increase goes into effect July 1. TollTag members use prepaid accounts to receive discounted rates, while ZipCash customers do not have a toll tag and get bills by mail based on the vehicle's license plate. The biennial toll rate increase was approved in 2009.The NTTA, which does not receive tax dollars, is currently repaying more than $9.5 billion in bonds. The agency expects to complete a $900 million project to build, widen and otherwise improve its roadways by 2022.  Continue reading...

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