Tiny Tiger Cub, Kylo Ren, Born at North Texas Sanctuary

A tiny white tiger cub has been born in Texas after his parents were rescued earlier this year.The cub, named Kylo Ren, was born on March 6 at the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue in Wylie, northeast of Dallas-Fort Worth. (The sanctuary's founder is a Star Wars fan, as you might've guessed.)The tiny tiger is being cared for by the sanctuary's founder and a veterinarian after his mother, Zahra, seemed to reject him after his birth. She cleaned Kylo off and wasn't aggressive towards him, but she didn't keep him close, nurse him or respond to his cries, according to a news release.After getting advice from a veterinarian, In-Sync founder Vicky Keahey stepped in to help care for the newborn cub, who's now getting around-the-clock care. He's fed every three hours with a special formula, sanctuary media director Angela Culver said."I’ve been told he is very loud when he’s hungry," she said.Kylo's parents, Zahra and Assad, were seized from owners who were keeping them illegally, the sanctuary said in January.  Continue reading...

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