This Tools Helps Refugees Find Their Way Around New Surroundings

It’s a tough time for refugees around the globe, and Derek Smith, a Dallas resettlement caseworker, wants to ease their entry once they’ve been approved for U.S. admittance.Smith, who works at the International Rescue Committee, developed a multilingual phone app that gives newcomers from conflict-ridden and war-torn countries tips on everything from finding legal services to locating health clinics, ethnic food stores and schools.“So often clients come in saying, ‘Where do I go for English class, or where do I go for the clinic?’ “ Smith said. “What happens if it is 11 at night or a Sunday morning...This is a way to fill the gaps.”It’s called The Collective for Refugees and Immigrants. And Smith hopes people will help him close gaps on the app by suggesting other services and places to include.“That’s why it’s called The Collective... With a team of people, the app could become a lot bigger,” Smith said.  Continue reading...

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