This Supposed Coup of Design and Convenience Is Not Just Ugly, It's Noisy, Inefficient and Unsanitary

Can we speak, for just a moment, about the most abhorrent work of design in recent memory? I am referring — and you may be ahead of me here — to the Dyson Airblade electric hand dryer.No doubt you are familiar with these awful machines, as they have become ubiquitous in bathrooms across the country, and indeed around the globe. The latest model, the Airblade V, is a small metal box in white or metallic finish, with a bottom that arrows down, giving it the pentagonal shape of home plate on a baseball diamond. When you place your hands beneath it, invisible sensors trigger two streams of jet-propelled air to — theoretically, at least — dry your hands.A more expensive model, the Airblade dB is even worse. It looks like a wall mounted trash can, activated when you stick your hands into its maw.  Continue reading...

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