This Is the Simple Way to Avoid Getting Scammed Like Crowley ISD and Galveston County Did

If you owe a company money and someone from the company calls and says they've changed bank accounts and seeks payment from you, what are you going to do?At Crowley ISD in Tarrant County, an employee sent $2 million.At Galveston County, an employee sent $525,000.In both cases, the money went to scammers.In both cases, taxpayers' money has not been recovered.So far, it's not been reported that anyone lost their job in these two separate incidents.You may be thinking, too bad, so sad. At least it's not me.But it could be you or someone in your family or company.I present this story today to show you that the solution to this is so incredibly simple that it's shocking. But for some reason people don't want to do it.$2 million lost in CrowleyFirst, the details.At Crowley, the email looked like it came from an accountant for Steele & Freeman, a Fort Worth construction company building an elementary school and a career technology center.The company was changing banks, he wrote. Please send a test payment of $1.The test payment worked. After that, $2 million flowed out in two separate disbursements.The alleged recipient, Florida man Donald Howard Conkright, told his bank the money came from his girlfriend's inheritance, arrest records show.  Continue reading...

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