‘This Is Shiner Country': Texas Beer Brand Spends $1.2 Million for First Super Bowl Ad

Shiner Beer is about to make its Super Bowl debut.The parent company of the 109-year old brewing company says the next "This is Shiner Country" commercial would be featured during none other than the biggest planned media event of the year.The 30-second ad spot cost the company $1.2 million, according to Shiner's announcement."This is Shiner Country" plays up the brand's disruptive streak throughout its history, with the first installment romanticizing Kosmos Spoetzl's arrest for bootlegging during Prohibition. The second part of the series did the same with the company's hippie hearse delivery driver in the 1970s.The company is keeping its Super Bowl ad concept under wraps, though, until it airs. The Super Bowl is Feb. 4.The Gambrinus Co., Shiner's parent company, is anything but a folksy, small-town also-ran in the beverage world. Beverage Industry Magazine routinely lists the company, with headquarters in San Antonio, in its yearly Top 100 beverage companies lists.The publication estimated Gambrinus' 2016 sales at $126 million, which put it at No. 85 on Beverage Industry's latest list.Matthew Martinez, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TNS)  Continue reading...

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