‘This Is Insane': Why the Mountains of Shingles Keep Growing in a Southern Dallas Backyard

For a moment in December -- a few days, if that -- they came and they cared, or said they did, anyway. The code inspectors. The city attorneys. The cameras. The councilman.They came to southern Dallas, to that stretch of South Central Expressway that looks like a dumped-on small town just out of reach of the shiny skyline in the near-distance, because of the mountains of ground-up shingles that had sprung up around Marsha Jackson's house. They came because of the solid waste that spilled into Jackson's backyard and into the creek between her property and the recycling facility called Blue Star.They came because Jackson complained loud enough and long enough that they could no longer ignore her. And then they arrived. "It's like the Third World," said the Tennell Atkins, the council member for this mess.  Continue reading...

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