This Fort Worth Farmers Market Has All Locally-grown Goods, Including Apples and Giant Tomatoes

It would be difficult to find a more authentic, old-timey North Texas farmers market than Cowtown in southwest Fort Worth, or a better place to experience the essence of local.When last I visited, a frigid wind was blowing down tents, and vendors were taking refuge from the bitter cold in their trucks.But these folks are tough. Neither a frosty winter chill nor spring downpour nor scorching summer heat, like the kind we had last Saturday, keep them from lining up year-round on the Texas Outdoors parking lot.Last Saturday meant a dizzying array of local fruits and vegetables, and they're a lesson in local. You could tell the bell peppers and peaches (yellow and white) were the real deal, for instance, because they were imperfect and small, not supermarket beautiful.Likewise, B&G Gardens' humongous tomatoes - one weighed in at 1 pound 6 ounces - were easily identified as farm-grown because of their irregular shapes. That, plus their intense, sweet flavor. How does the Poolville farm manage to grow these? Co-owner Greg Johnson is a master gardener. (In spring, the farm is famous for its asparagus.)  Continue reading...

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