This Forger and Scam Artist Just Can’t Seem to Give Up His Trade

Mauricio Aguirre’s appreciation for rare and expensive fountain pens has once again landed him in federal prison.And once again, to obtain the prized collectibles, he tapped the elaborate fantasies swirling in his head.The notorious scoundrel who once charmed his way into a college deanship in Dallas was sentenced Friday to 15 months in prison for creating counterfeit presidential and U.S. government memorabilia to trade for bejeweled custom pens worth thousands. He received 57 months in federal prison in 2006 for a nearly identical con.This time, Aguirre forged a John F. Kennedy bronze presidential seal and authentication documents that he used to obtain pens from four dealers while posing as a lobbyist based blocks from the White House, prosecutors say.A creative and prolific impostor, Aguirre, 49, of Dallas, has not been able to stop. He has three previous federal fraud convictions and has used a host of aliases, false identities and other fictions to pull off his scams. He said in a motion for a lesser sentence in 2006 that he “can’t control himself.”  Continue reading...

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