This Dentist Is Reopening a Medical Building in South Dallas' Health Care Desert That Could Transform the Area

Give a healthcare researcher any zip code in Dallas County and she can probably tell you how healthy - or unhealthy - the residents in that area are.It's alarming that residents in the high-poverty South Dallas neighborhood near Fair park have consistently been the county's most sick for years. This area is home to the county's highest mortality rate from chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. The rate there is twice the premature death rate of the rest of the countySmall wonder, given the longstanding lack of doctors and hospitals in the area and the limited transportation options to get to the ones farther away.That's why it's such good news that a Dallas dentist won more than $500,000 last month from The Real Estate Council in a "Shark Tank"-like investment competition to refurbish Forest Avenue Hospital. Located in the heart of the South Dallas neighborhood, it's been shuttered for 30 years.Dr. Michelle Morgan bought the facility on Martin Luther King Boulevard with plans for multipurpose medical and urgent care services within the next year.  Continue reading...

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