‘This Ain't Normal': Boat Owner Turns Rescuer on Flooded Houston Highway

Rain was falling so heavily when Chad White pulled up in his gold Ford F-250 pickup truck that his hazard lights were the only indication he was there.Along with dozens of other people, White and his young son got stuck Sunday morning at an intersection on Interstate 610 headed south from downtown Houston.The flashing lights of a police vehicle blinked ahead of him, blocking a body of water about the size of an Olympic swimming pool that rendered the small stretch of highway impassable.White was trying to get to Friendswood in southeast Harris County where people were trapped in homes swamped by unprecedented flooding.He had a boat and supplies, and a determination to help. It was a scene that played out across the Houston area Sunday, as residents using boats, rafts and anything else that floated turned into rescuers.  Continue reading...

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