Third Time's the Charm? Attorney General Ken Paxton Tries Again to Remove Judge in Criminal Case

AUSTIN — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking for his criminal trials to be moved back to Collin County and the presiding judge removed, saying any decisions made in the case after 2016 are null and void.Paxton, who faces three felony charges of violating state securities laws, asked an administrative court to vacate any and all rulings made in his case after Dec. 31, 2016. He claims presiding Judge George Gallagher was only temporarily assigned to serve in the region that includes Collin County up and until, but not after, that date.First Administrative Court Judge Mary Murphy assigned Gallagher to the case after the original judge, Chris Oldner, recused himself. But Gallagher was only on temporary loan to Murphy's administrative region. His court is in Tarrant County, which is included in the Eighth Administrative Judicial Region, not the First.   Continue reading...

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