Think You Know Dallas ISD Teachers? Here's Why These Rock-stars Say They Do the Job

Classroom teachers don’t have an easy go of it. The one-size-fits-all description often portrayed publicly is that they’re demoralized, disrespected and underpaid.Most recently, Time magazine’s “I’m a teacher in America” cover stories pushed this narrative. The much-talked-about series focused on how thankless the job is -- with headlines such as “I work two extra jobs and donate blood plasma to pay the bills” and “I’ve been laid off three times due to budget cuts.”There’s something to these portrayals. You’ll get no argument from me that many teachers deserve better pay -- and the Texas Legislature is working out plans to make that happen.But those magazine covers didn’t do the teaching profession any favors. Who would want their kids educated by such stressed-out, downtrodden folks? And who would be crazy enough to choose a noble career in education after seeing only the grimmest examples of difficulties?Fed up with all the gloom-and-doom headlines, John Gasko, dean of the University of North Texas at Dallas School of Education, counter-punched with magazine-cover-style posters that tell a far different story.Partnering with local artist Karen Blessen and her 29 Pieces nonprofit, Gasko created the Dallas Teachers Speak exhibit, which spotlights 158 of the district’s best educators.  Continue reading...

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