Thief Walks Out of North Dallas Pet Store With $2,600 Malti-Tzu Puppy

A man walked into a North Dallas pet store Monday and stole a Malti-Tzu puppy, police said.The crime occurred just after 7 p.m. at the Petland at 11909 Preston Road, near Royal Lane.The person who reported the theft said the man asked to see a golden brown Malti-Tzu puppy valued at $2,600. After going into a viewing room, the man walked out the store's front door with the puppy in his arms.A witness saw the thief get into a waiting car driven by someone else, and the pair fled before officers arrived.The North Dallas Petland has suffered a number of animal thefts in recent years:A couple used a stolen identity to apply for a credit card and buy a $6,666 French bulldog on Aug. 3.A man walked out of the store with a Siberian husky puppy in July 2015; police returned the pup the next day.Eight puppies worth a total of $12,000 were stolen in an early-morning break-in in December 2012.A woman left the store with a $1,700 parrot on her shoulder in September 2012; a man who bought the parrot later returned it after learning it was stolen.  Continue reading...

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