These Tips From Photographer Gray Malin Will Make Your Next Getaway Look Picture-perfect

Experience — and social media — tells us that not every trip is picture-perfect, but Gray Malin has a gift for making it look otherwise.The Dallas-raised photographer has criss-crossed the globe capturing images for his lastest book, Escape, that features far-flung destinations that will make you eager to get out of town.But for Malin, the travel is far from over once he arrives in the city he is shooting. More often than not, he still has to climb aboard a doorless helicpoter to get the aerial photographs he’s known for.Lucky for the less-adventurous, Escape showcases the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps to the sand dunes of Namibia and lots of drool-worthy, bucket-list destinations in between. The frequent flier has a few tricks for making flying and travel look so glamorous. Malin shared some with us.  Continue reading...

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