The U.S. Cannot Be Like the Movie Monster That Destroys Seoul

Ever since I saw the movie "Colossal" at Fantastic Fest this past fall, I've been waiting for it to come out in theaters. I wanted to write about its perceptive take on personal responsibility, problematic female drinking and the hidden dangers of hometown hookups with seemingly nice guys that you went to school with."Colossal" is the tale of party girl Gloria (Anne Hathaway) who has had too much of a good time for too long. Gloria's career prospects are dim and, when she comes home drunk one time too many, she is thrown out of her lovely New York City apartment by her successful beau Tim (Dan Stevens), who is making an effort to help Gloria get her act together. Out of options, Gloria retreats to the small hometown, where she promptly starts partying with a seemingly nice guy, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis)  Continue reading...

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