The Tarrant County GOP Must Embrace the Diversity of Its Base

Religious liberty, a fundamental American value, is at stake in Texas. It is now in the hands of the Tarrant County Republican Party, which is set to vote on Thursday on whether Trauma surgeon and Southlake City Council member Shahid Shafi will be removed from his position as vice chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party.A motion to remove Shafi from office was filed by precinct chairwoman Dorrie O'Brien, based on the fact that he is Muslim. O'Brien's motion was bolstered by vague claims of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and a goal of imposing Sharia Law on Texas. Members of the Tarrant County GOP should make a clear statement in support of Shafi by voting to retain him in his duly elected leadership role.The imposition of a religious test to hold any office contravenes our nation's values and the principles on which the United States was founded. What should matter is Shafi's demonstrated commitment to civic leadership and engagement in the political process. By that standard, his appropriateness for the position is undeniable, having served as a Southlake City Council member and several times as a delegate to the state GOP Convention. If our political parties do not reflect the diversity inherent in our communities, how can they be expected to represent those communities?Fortunately, the Texas GOP has strong voices that understand what is at stake and have publicly decried the potential ouster of Shafi.  Continue reading...

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