The Surprising Reason Why a Terrific Law Enforcement Tool Is Failing

Usually, The Watchdog wouldn't regale you with the tale of a promising area company that never made a profit, fired its CEO this year and watched as its stock price dropped to a dime a share. Unfortunately, that's not so uncommon in the high-tech world.But this company's product is so intelligent and helpful to society that The Watchdog can't let the story of COPsync's rise and fall go unnoticed.COPsync is an Addison-based company that sells a messaging system to law enforcement and public safety officials so they can tie in to a central system and share information in real time.Get it? COPsync. Kudos to the name. But sad that the project isn't making money.With more than 500 law enforcement agencies and school districts as customers in 16 states, COPsync should be a game changer. Small-town police departments, county sheriffs and constables across Texas are among its many customers, sharing information together on their computers, phones and patrol car monitors.If COPsync were to go out of business, a lot of public safety enterprises would lose their flow of information. That's why this isn't your average company with bungling managers. Here we have a public company in control of massive amounts of police data and intelligence from communities across the nation.  Continue reading...

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