The NFL's Collision Course: Misogyny and a Lack of Diversity at the Top

The NFL is on a violent collision course, with two of its most combustible social issues -- misogyny and malcontent black protesters -- crossing paths in North Carolina. The Cowboys won yesterday, but the bigger league news was Panthers owner Jerry Richardson decision to sell his team after he was caught up in a scandal involving allegations of sexual and racial misconduct in the workplace.Shortly after Sports Illustrated published accusations that Richardson used a racial slur against a team scout and crossed the line with female workers no longer employed, the 81-year-old owner apparently decided to cut bait from a league that is incredibly profitable for owners like him.This is a huge mess for the NFL, which has seen its TV ratings decline this year after fans -- and President Donald Trump -- took issue with how the league handled protesting black players who took a knee during the national anthem.  Continue reading...

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