The Full Weight of the Law: Texas DPS to Start Tracking Troopers' Waistlines

AUSTIN — How many Texas state troopers are obese? The Department of Public Safety is about to find out. Beginning this month, the department will begin recording the height, weight and "waist [belly] measurement" of its 4,297 commissioned officers during their routine physical readiness tests, according to an email sent last week. All officers are required to pass two physical fitness assessments each fiscal year."Obesity is a significant health issue in the United States and in the law enforcement profession. In addition to the personal health risks, obesity significantly detracts from an officer's command presence and negatively impacts their overall effectiveness," Skylor Hearn, deputy director of administration and services wrote in an email to officers. "As such, the department will take proactive steps to address this health and officer safety risk."  Continue reading...

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