The Dallas Morning News Recommends Adam McGough for Dallas City Council, District 10

Dallas council member Adam McGough presides over a district that reflects the delicate balance between economic development and affordable housing. Bust up crime at a notorious intersection, and business improves. Rents in the neighborhood rise a bit, and voila, the vulnerable neighbors who were hurt by the crime have to move.McGough gets this. His Lake Highlands constituents expect more economic development, and his Audelia-Forest Lane constituents need safe neighborhoods. So we are pleased to hear his commitment to reducing crime and seeding the more challenging neighborhoods with youth programming. We recommend voters re-elect him for a third term.We urge McGough, 41, to keep his commitment to preserving a Lake Highlands as a middle-income neighborhood, a sadly vanishing thing in Dallas, with policies to help working people and young professionals buy homes. He rightly said that young people bring needed energy to neighborhoods, and as millennials delay homeownership, that cycle is at risk.  Continue reading...

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