The Case of a Single-mom Waitress Vs. a Fast-talking Used Car Salesman. Guess Who Wins?

An owner of a used car dealership in Northwest Dallas that I call one of the city's worst defended his company in an interview with The Watchdog outside a courtroom.David A. Kost Jr., owner of 1and2 Automotive, is king of car repossessions. He says he doesn't want to repossess cars he sells, but many customers lose their cars back to him in less than a year anyway.He acknowledges a very troubling sales tactic: his sales people sometimes take cash from customers and drop it in a no-return safe before a deal is made.Two customers, both single moms, told The Watchdog they were tricked into handing over the money to prove they actually had the cash-only payments to buy a car. When they asked for their money back before signing papers, they were denied. Kost told me a refund could take up to 15 days.Kost confirms my previous reporting that there's a "manager's room" where they take unruly, combative customers."If someone is in my showroom and they're yelling and screaming, what do you do?" he asks. "You can do whatever you want to in this room. ... The thing that upsets them about this room is their voice doesn't go very far [even] if they yell and scream."  Continue reading...

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