The Big Business Behind Why Dallas Researchers Want to Get Into Your Brain

North Texas researchers want to delve deeply into the intricacies of the human brain.And to do it, they’re shoring up research programs, adding space exclusively for neurologists and creating consumer-facing centers that provide, among other things, brain check-up exams.The efforts are being fueled by a growing national demand for neurological science, as well as the prevalence of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, autism and traumatic brain injuries.“The reason you're seeing more about the brain right now is that it's time,” said Leanne Young, who heads the University of Texas at Dallas’ new Brain Performance Institute.On Thursday, UTD’ Center for BrainHealth will officially open a 62,000-square-foot Brain Performance Institute on Mockingbird Lane. It will use virtual simulation technology to provide cognitive training for people with and without brain conditions.For example, one of the uses is to help people with autism and other social cognition challenges to recognize emotions and facial expressions, and to view in real-time how their own expressions can affect other people.“From a scientific point of view, there's a huge amount of excitement” in the brain research world, said Dr. David Owens, acting deputy director of extramural research at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.  Continue reading...

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