Texas Senate Will Reject House's ‘bathroom Bill,' Require Last-minute Compromise

AUSTIN - The Texas Senate will reject the so-called "bathroom bill" passed in the House late Sunday, and go to a special committee to work out a compromise on the legislation.Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, confirmed to The Dallas Morning News late Tuesday he would reject the changes made his Senate Bill 2078, sending the legislation to a conference committee so lawmakers could work out a compromise.""It didn't do what they said it would," he said about the House's changes to his bill. The sticking point, he said, was the House bill did not require students to use only the bathroom and locker room that matches their biological sex. "My real issue has been the schools."Taylor said he filed the necessary paperwork earlier Tuesday, but would not comment on who he wished to serve on the conference committee with him. Capitol Inside's Mike Hailey had reported earlier Tuesday that Taylor would reject the bill.On Sunday, the House tacked on an amendment to Taylor's bill that included new requirements for bathroom use in public schools. While the amendment's author said the changes would require students to use the restroom that matches their biological sex, school districts said they didn't believe they would be forced to kick transgender students out of facilities that matches their gender identity.Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who heads the Senate, expressed frustration this week the House's bill didn't go further. Gov. Greg Abbott weighed in on the disagreement, saying he hoped an agreement could be reached before the session ends on May 29.This is a breaking story. Check back here for more details.  Continue reading...

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