Texas Sen. John Cornyn Says It's ‘highly Likely' Congress Will Reauthorize CHIP for Five Years

AUSTIN — Sen. John Cornyn said Wednesday that he was confident Congress will pass a more permanent reauthorization of the Children's Health Insurance Program.Texas was granted an additional $248 million Friday to keep the state's program running through March. The money from the $2.85 billion that Congress appropriated in December to fund CHIP as part of a short-term spending bill that keeps the government open until Jan. 19."I've been monitoring it very closely to make sure that no one, no child in Texas is denied access to health care by virtue of our inability to get it passed so far," Cornyn said in a call with Texas reporters. "What we would like to to do ... is to pass at least a five-year re-authorization, and I do believe that is highly likely to happen on or about the 19th when the current continuing resolution expires."  Continue reading...

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