Texas Scores Poorly in New Assessment of States' LGBTQ Friendliness

Texas scores poorly in a new analysis that grades states based on LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace and legislative protections to ensure equal treatment.The report by Out Leadership, an advisory firm that promotes inclusion as a business growth tool, gives the state a score of 38.1 out of a possible 100 points. It takes state leadership to task for what it describes as a lack of protections for LGBTQ workers and a history of discriminatory legislation.Texas ranked 45th in the firm's ranking of business environments for inclusivity, trailing other southern states such as Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana. Massachusetts, California and Connecticut topped the organization's list with scores as high as 90 points.Scores were based on results of a survey gauging workplace attitudes of 2,643 workers nationwide, including 300 in Texas, as well as state laws guaranteeing protections.  Continue reading...

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